Just to Share : Hot Tips For Studying While Working..

Saje nak share ngn kgkawan yg masih study info-info utk motivatekan diri sendiri bile anda menjadi pelajar dlm masa yg same menjadi pekerja..

  1. Plan your work well. Find out what your deadlines well in advance and put them in a place where you can easily see them, either at work, or at home, or both.
  2. Make good use of any time which might otherwise be wasted time, such as reading on the train, listening to an Open University programme in the evening (which you taped the night before) instead of watching the usual rubbish.
  3. Remember to get the balance right. Look after yourself. It is exhausting studying for a professional qualification while you're studying. Eat properly, get exercise, get rest and continue to socialise where you can.
  4. If you think you're going to have a problem meeting a deadline, or you've had a family or work emergency, let your course tutors know. They are very human, and will understand the pressures of trying to balance work and study at once. Tell people if there's a problem sooner rather than later.
  5. Remind yourself constantly of what doing the study will mean for you. Have a very clear reason to do the course. If your reason to do it is weak, your motivation to sit down and study will suffer.
  6. If you can, tell your boss what you're doing. Studying shows you're serious about your personal development and growth as an individual.
  7. Remember that there are lots of mature students going back to part time or full time study. See this as an opportunity to expand your network.
  8. Set up a spot where you feel comfortable working. Use anything which will help you focus: timetables, your goals written on a wall, coloured pens, mind maps, flowers at your work space. Think about the time of day you study best. For some people, that may be first thing in the morning, say at 4:00.
  9. Make good use of the careers service in your organisation. If you're studying long distance, find out what facilities the training or education provider has for you, too. Take advantage of the services they offer while you can.
  10. Be prepared to say no to requests you'd normally take on either at home or at work. Remember, you need to look after yourself. Remember, you're worth it. When you're studying, make it clear that you're not to be interrupted unless it's a life and death emergency!

That's all frm me wif luv..

Happy Study!!..Happy Working!!:D


Chekpid said…
oh no...i'm not ready 4 that. maybe after 40's ok. boleh buli adek2 master buat assignment...hahaaaa